Training Tips


Get ready for Ride Sierra Leone!

Download our comprehensive training guide complete with 4 month plan and top tips

Whether you’re a lycra-loving experienced cyclist or a first-timer we’ve complied our top tips and advice in preparation for a multi-day ride in the tropical heat of Sierra Leone.

Our top tips for preparing for Ride Sierra Leone:

Time in the saddle: Ride Sierra Leone (The Grand Tour) involves four back-to-back days riding so getting used to cycling with tired legs and a sore bum will be invaluable preparation. Get in some long days (4 hours or more) and consecutive rides will help prepare you for this unforgettable cycling adventure.

Vary the terrain: Ensure you also train on dirt roads, towpaths or bridleways. The importance of cycling on unsurfaced paths cannot be over-emphasised. Cycling "off road" is very different to riding on a tarmac surface and Ride Sierra Leone is very much ‘off road’. The way the bike feels, the use of gears and brakes are all different, so it is very important to experience this and learn the techniques needed.

Get ready for the heat: Sierra Leone has a tropical climate which may be significantly warmer than what you are used to, especially in November. Try overdressing (pile on the layers!) on rides for a few weeks before the tour to make sure you’re more prepared for the hot humid weather.

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